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  • no catch
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Winning made simple.

ZERT loves to give...it's just that simple. ZERT has no gimmicks, no surveys and no catch – you simply enter the giveaway for free before it ends and you will have a chance to win!

This is how to enter & win:

  1. Create your profile or log-in
  2. Check out the great giveaways on the home page
  3. Pick a giveaway you'd like to enter and click on it's "ENTER" button
  4. A little window will pop up, simply answer the math question and click the "Submit answer & enter giveaway" button
  5. You may enter each giveaway 24 times a day until the giveaway ends
  6. If you win, you will be notified by your email and when you next login on ZERT.com

For more information, see our FAQ or Contact us

It's just that simple! Good Luck!

Zert Guarantees

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No Catch

Did you know?

ZERT offers automatic entry into giveaways for Club ZERT members*?
When you join Club ZERT, we do all the work, you're guaranteed to never miss an entry or giveaway!
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*NO PURCHASE NECESSARY to win. A purchase will not increase your chances of winning. See Terms of Use for details.